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Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger (HVOS, Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions)

Website:, http://www.hauptverband.at

Contact person: Wolfgang Kreutzer
Address: Kundmanngasse 21, 1030 Wien, Austria
Phone: +43 1 71132 4140

Profile: The Austrian Social Insurance contains the Health, the Accident and the Pension Insurances. The enforcement of the Social Insurance has been given to individual corporate bodies – the Insurance Institutions, some of which carry out two or more branches of Social Insurance. Due to historical reasons, the subdivisions are not only territorial but also occupational. 

All Insurance Institutions are combined in the Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions. This umbrella organization is responsible for the preservation of general interests of the Social Insurance and for the representation of the Insurance Institutions regarding common affairs (e.g. conclusions of treaties with hospitals, doctors, etc.). It further represents the Austrian System of Social Insurance at meetings with similar institutions abroad and functions as a liaison body for the Health- Accident- and Pension Insurances in interstate and international areas. 


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Contact person: Jirí Ochozka o.p.s.
Address: Veletrzni 67, 17000 Praha 7, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 2 33376194
Fax: +420 2 33379192

Profile: MEDTEL is positioned as the Czech national equivalent of ETHEL. It is the basis of the national network of health telematics and, consequently, a partner of European organisations, particularly of the ETHEL network of health telematics. It has association with the following principal stakeholders in the Czech healthcare system:

  • Authorities dealing with health care (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, schools, research establishments)
  • Health care providers
  • Health insurance companies
  • Associations of patients, citizens, and interest groups
  • Business companies operating in the field of health care.


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AOK Baden-Württemberg (AOK BW)


Contact person: Carola Giesinger
Address: Heilbronner Str. 184, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 711 25937724
Fax: +49 711 25937702

Profile: The AOK Baden-Wurttemberg is a public body self-administered jointly by representatives of its members and employers. With over 3.8 million members, the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg is the market leader (market share of 41.7 %) among the health insurance funds in Baden-Wurttemberg. 

Philosophy: AOK Baden-Wurttemberg cares for people. Based on this principle, the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg offers its customers "More health", "More security" and is "Closer to members":

The AOK Baden-Wurttemberg is physically close to its members via more than 250 AOK service centres in Baden-Wurttemberg. With its qualified customer consultants, who provide individual, personal and caring advice and support, the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg is also personally close to its customers. The AOK’s personal service pledge is "Always the right thing for you"  – to offer its customers tailored products and services.

In line with this philosophy, the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg is constantly developing its products so that it can continue to assert its position as market leader. To do this, it has evolved from being a "payer" to a "player". It therefore not only makes insurance payments, but also helps to shape the healthcare system.

In this way, the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg safeguards the health of its customers. The aim of the AOK Baden-Wurttemberg is to secure and extend its position as a leading provider by constantly developing its existing products and introducing new products and personalised services onto the health market as well as to retain its existing membership and attract new customers. 

AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse (AOK Bavaria)


 Contact person: Alexander Meindl / Brigitte Berndl
 Address: Carl-Wery-Str. 28, 81739 München, Germany
 Phone: +49 89 62730 246/ 342
 Fax: +49 89 62730650 246 / 342
 E-mail: /


Profile: The AOK system cares for more than 25 million people - nearly a third of the population in Germany. Approximately 61,000 employees guarantee a high performance service in more than 1,700 offices in Germany. The AOK Bavaria has about 11000 employees and insures more than 4,1 million persons. Its annual turnover is about 11 billion Euros. Because of its structure, the AOK Bavaria maintains round about 250 service offices all over Bavaria. The AOK Bavaria pre-finances over 80 % of all costs concerning the treatment on basis of the European Health Insurance Card another E-forms and cares for roughly 80.000 people from other countries each month. Most of them come from Austria, Italy and France. In preparation of the world-championship in Germany the AOK Bavaria was able to establish several service sites in Munich and Nuremberg. In December 2008 the first online-service site in Pfronten, very close to the austrian border, was installed. Other service sites, espacially in the touristic regions near to the border to Austria and the Czech Republic will follow soon. 

Role in the project: NETC@RDS service provider. Contracting Party in the General Agreement. Responsible for the service access point


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Liechtensteinische Landesverwaltung, Amt für Gesundheit (Office of Public Health)


Contact person: Thomas Hasler
Address: Aeulestrasse 51, PO box 684, FL-9490 Vaduz
Phone: +423 236 73 41
Fax: +423 236 73 50

Profile: The Office of Public Health (OPH) is the national authority in health matters. This includes the supervision of the health insurance and accident insurance system.

The OPH is also responsible for the medical officer service, for national programmes designed to promote healthy lifestyles, the agency for therapeutic products and the liaison body.

The OPH is structured in two departments, “Health Insurance and Accident Insurance” and “Public Health”. The OPH coordinates the Netc@rds project in Liechtenstein.

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Vecozo BV


Contact person: Jan Hein Willemse
Address: Dr. Anton Philipsweg 35,5026 RK Tilburg, Netherlands
Phone: +3113-5945630
Fax: +31134625640

Profile: It is VECOZO’s mission to contribute to decreasing administrative costs in the health care sector by providing cost effective data exchange between actors by means of internet technology.

To achieve this goal VECOZO:

- provides a solid basis for safe and secure (internet)communication, based on digital certificates,
- runs a national portal for data exchange between healthcare providers and healthcare insurers,
- offers customers user friendly and cost effective services.

Organisation structure: VECOZO was founded in 2002. Today, VECOZO has five shareholders (health insurance companies) which represent 65% of the total Dutch insured population.

The Dutch government considers VECOZO as the main portal for administrative internet communication in health care. VECOZO has 80 employees and a yearly turnover of € 8million.

Main areas of competence :
- VECOZO operates the national portal for data exchange (entitlement check and billing
and other services) between health care providers and health care insurers in the Netherlands. This is supported by an online-real-time transaction portal and by XML-messages. Over more than 31.000 health providers (> 75.000 users) make use of the portal. Monthly there are about 100 million transactions concerning the insurance check. The monthly value of the processed digital invoices amounts to € 4.8 billion.
- VECOZO develops and maintains a solid basis for safe internet communication and transparent functionalities for actors in health care. The communication structure is based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
- VECOZO develops and maintains the EHIC portal for several health insurance companies (40% of the Dutch market). In this respect VECOZO cooperates with one partner for the production, personalisation and shipping of the ordered EHIC’s. 



Contact person: John Stevens
Address: Wilhelminastraat 39, PO Box 55, 6130 MA SITTARD, Netherlands
Phone: +31464595662
Fax: +31464580666

Profile: CZ operates as a health insurance company in the Netherlands in a competitive private health care system. It is CZ’s mission to provide its clients fast access to health care of high quality. To achieve this goal CZ contracts with health care providers, based on quality and service levels. CZ wants to be considered by its insured as the most obvious guide and advisor concerning all health related issues.

Organisation structure: CZ is a non-profit organisation. It services about 3.4 mln affiliates with a Dutch market share of 20%. CZ has about 2.500 employees (FTE’s) and a turnover of € 7 billion a year.

Main areas of competence: CZ is a health insurer for both individual and corporate clients. In addition, CZ supports its clients in the complete health-chain, from health promotion and prevention up to and including rehabilitation.

CZ is the national liaison for Dutch citizens, who are working abroad. CZ has a lot of experience with cross border health care: For CZ affiliates in border regions, contracts have been conducted, supported by its Belgian partner Christelijke Mutualiteit,  with Belgian hospitals. As a result of a cooperation with AOK Rheinland/Hamburg easy access to German health care is provided for CZ insured.

For the business market CZ provides customized cross border health insurance solutions . In this respect CZ cooperates with international insurers like BUPA, CIGNA and Allianz World Wide Care.


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Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia - National Health Fund


 Contact person: Andrzej Strug
 Address: ul. Grójecka 186, 02-390 Warszawa, Poland
 Phone: +48 22 572 61 61
 Fax: +48 22 824 07 49

Profile: Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia – NFZ (National Health Fund) is the only institution responsible for mandatory health care insurance in Poland. It ensures financing of health care services for almost 38 million Polish inhabitants.

NFZ consists of 16 Regional (voivodship’s) Branches and the Central Office.

It employs almost 5 thousands clerks and specialists as a whole.

Regional Branches are competent institutions in voivodships – they are responsible for signing the individual contracts with health care providers.

The Central Office is a coordinating body on the national level. It also plays the role of a liaison body in international relations.

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Všeobecná zdravotná poistovna, a. s. (General Health Insurance Company)


Contact person: Dana Gašparíková
Address: Panónska cesta 2, 851 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 208 24 603
Fax: +421 2 208 24 759

Profile:Všeobecná zdravotná poistovna, a. s. (General Health Insurance Company) is the biggest health insurance provider within the compulsory health care system in Slovakia. It was established as the successor of the Administration of Health Insurance Fund in 1995 pursuant to the National Council’s Act on Health Insurance No. 273/1994 coll. It was transformed in 2005 into the state joint stock company pursuant to the National Council’s Act No. 581/2004 coll. The Slovak Republic is the sole stockholder of the General Health Insurance Company. The rights of stockholder are managed by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.

The General Health Insurance Company operates through self governing bodies (the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the Supervisory Board) and executive bodies (the Head Office, 36 branches and 47 sub-branches with about 2000 employees). At present, the General Health Insurance Company provides health insurance coverage for more than 3.39 million insured, i.e. almost 64 % of the total number of compulsory insured persons in the Slovak Republic.

Health care is provided in the Slovak Republic on the basis of the public (compulsory) health insurance by public and private health care providers. The General Health Insurance Company covers insurance of all types of health care – primary and specialized out-patient health care including dentistry, in-patient health care, preventive examinations, transportation health services, air rescue services, health treatment of children and adults in spa by invitation, as well as specialized health treatment in abroad in cases when such treatment is not provided by Slovak health care facilities.

The General Health Insurance Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Apart from the health insurance performance the General Health Insurance Company cooperates closely with representatives of occupational chambers of health care providers and works as a member of Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM) also.

In 2004, the General Health Insurance Company joined the NETC@RDS project. Slovak national NETC@RDS portal has been established and the NETC@RDS service is in operation in ENED environment.

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 Contact person:  Dominic Allemann 
 Address: Römerstrasse 20, CH-4500 Solothurn 
 Phone:  +41 (0)32 625 42 22 
 Fax:  +41 (0)32 625 42 10

The Veka-Center portal is operated by SASIS AG

SASIS AG is a company of the Association of the Health Insurance Organisations of Switzerland (santésuisse)

emineo agis a solution provider for many Swiss hospitals with SAP-Software

The NETC@RDS application is integrated in the Swiss regulations for data security and data protection (X.509, SOAP, HSM, etc.)

The VeKa-Center of SASIS AG is certified and audited by KPMG for data security and data protection management system (ISO 27001, etc.)

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