e-Confirmation Use Case adopted by e-SENS (Dec. 2013)


e-SENS consolidates the future standards for the electronic building blocks that will enable citizens, businesses and public administrations to come together to do their business online on the European market. Building blocks (BBs) are software components that may be independently developed and deployed. e-SENS will focus on providing the following modules:  

-           e-Documents - to understand any document format in public administration 

-           e-Delivery - to facilitate electronic document exchange across borders 

-           e-ID - to extend the use of domestic ID to other EU countries 

-           e-Signature  - to enable signing and verifying any document  

-           Semantics - to create common meaning of definitions in public administration

These modules are developed by consolidating and improving results of Large Scale projects (LSP): e-CODEX, epSOS, SPOCS, STORK, and PEPPOL. Although NETC@RDS/ENED was/is not considered as an LSP, the e-Confirmation UC is considered by the e-SENS management as a promising service for European citizens and health care providers, in line with the other LSP servcices.

 Moreover there is no doubt that the above mentioned BBs could be reused in the e-Confirmation UC seamlessly. Against that background the e-Confirmation UC is approved to be piloted. The e-Confirmation team is positioned as a separate workgroup in the e-SENS’ eHealth domain and chaired by the Dutch partner CZ.