ENED partners join e-SENS (Electronic Simple European Networked Services)


In the November 29th 2013 meeting, the ENED partners concluded that partners' aims concerning insurance verification in real time on European level can be achieved best, being a partner of- and belonging to a common Consortium, being ENED. Moreover the e-SENS project http://www.esens.eu/home.html that started on April 1th 2013  is considered by ENED as a promising ‘vehicle’ to get a Europewide support for the e-Confirmation Use Case. The ENED partners from Poland and Netherlands already joined the e-SENS Consortium. Austria and Slovakia are going to start negotiations with their national e-SENS coordinator to join as well. Both German AOK’s choose for a role as observer in this stage.


In the meantime, the ENED partners commited themselves to continu the current NETC@RDS service for another year.