ENED partners meet on November 29th 2013 in Brussels

On November 29th 2013 the ENED partners will organize their 11th management meeting in Brussels.

In the previous period ENED partners were testing the web service based version of the NETC@RDS functionality. Some tests are completed succesfully, some are still running. The aim is to switch from the website version towards  the webservice solution as soon as possible.

In parallel the current functionality has been evaluated. Result of this exercise is, that future proof requirements are defined in terms of two Use Cases ('Get eConfirmation and provide eConfirmation'). Partners agreed on these UC's during the Breda meeting.

Since ENED is joining the eSENS project, it has to be explored whether ENED should implement the new UC's on its own, or in full alignment with eSENS. It's the aim to clarify this issue before the end of this year.

Last but not least: ENED partners committed themselves in 2011 for a two years period at least. This period ends on December 31th 2013. In the Brussels meeting partners are expected to clarify their future position concerning ENED.