About the network

The Network

ENED is a network of European Partners, aiming at servicing  both European citizens, applying for health care in a fellow Member State, during their temporary stay and their health care provider.


ENED has been set up on July 1th 2011 by previous project partners of the EU-project NETC@RDS .  Partners are organizations of health care providers,  health insurance organizations , and organizations mandated for the management- and the data processing related to health insurance  services. You can read more about ENED partners here.

The service

Currently the service consists of cross border online/real time verification of patient's entitlement. Both the EHIC and eCards, being issued by ENED partners can be used for verification purposes.  On the mid term the service portfolio will be extended.

Self sustainable business model

The service has been tested during the NETC@RDS project succesfully. The project was finalized  with a Business Plan, demonstrating the viability of a self sustainable business model. Partners,  representing nine EU Member States join this business model.

Framework Agreement

The partnership has been formalized by signing a framework agreement.  With this agreement partners commit themselves to provide the online/real time service for own account. Moreover they commit themselves to maximize the number of participating health care providers and health insurance organizations in their own Member State.

Partner categories

Apart from  signing partners, who are providing the service,  associated partners (like industry) and observers (prospect-partners) can be admitted.

Objectives of the ENED network

The objectives of the ENED network partners are:

  • Safe , secure and efficient cross border digital data exchange in the European health care sector
  • Support and facilitate partners and create preconditions enabling the partners to meet their common interests and goals
  • Sharing knowledge,  experiences and good practices

European convergence

ENED partners are well experienced with regard to data-exchange related issues and participate(d)  in European projects and initiatives like epSOS, STORK and EESSI.  From point of view of synergy, some ENED partners decided to set up the Project News4EESSI. In this project  they explore  whether EESSI can be used for online/real time insurance verification  and might substitute on the mid term the currently used Portal architecture.